Voyager Corvette   Voyager Corvette Builds

The Voyager Corvette is a sleek design, popular on the frontier thanks to its low production cost and a wide field of fire.
  — In-Game Description 


The Voyager Corvette is a Tier 0 hull with starter Miner Rebellion technology. This ship is automatically unlocked at the start of the game and does not require research in the Ship Lab.

As a corvette, this ship has a complete firing arc and serves as a training ship for new players.


Voyager Corvettes are incredibly cheap to produce and commonly used as a spam ship.

Obviously, this ship is a direct upgrade from the Pathfinder Corvette, but it does not have a large impact considering that you only have 1 Pathfinder Corvette but can build up to 99 Voyager Corvettes (or any other ship, for that matter).


The Voyager Corvette is very weak and thus rendered obsolete by even the Harrier Frigate, which can be researched and build within half an hour of starting the game. If you are unable to pilot frigates, then the Genesis Cruiser, which has a similar piloting style as this ship, will fully replace it.