The Strike Shield is designed for hit-and-fade combat. It takes reduced damage from Explosive weapons and recharges to full strength over time.
  — In-Game Description 


Strike Shield I
Mass 120 t 360 t 720 t
Energy 480 1,440 2,880
Defense 90%
Resists 50% Ex
Shield Recharge 48 energy/s 144 energy/s 288 energy/s
Recharge Delay 5 s
Hull XP 2,125 XP 7,286 XP 16,393 XP
Restricted to Cutters
BLUEPRINT CompleteBlueprint
Tech Lab Required VI VIII X
EQUIP ModuleRefit
Time Time 2m 30s 12m 30s 1h 07m 30s
Helium-3 Helium3 20,530 448,443 1,760,873
Antimatter Antimatter 0 49,827 586,958
Time Time 8m 00s 24m 00s 48m 00s


The Strike Shield is a powerful Explosive ship shield that has massive shield capacity and can start replenishing its energy reserves after several seconds without interruption. It can only be equipped on cutters.

Note that once fully depleted, the shield is useless for the remainder of the battle and cannot recharge.

Strategy and Setup


Strike Shields are incredibly mass efficient and have the same shield energy as Metaphase Shields - insane for a regenerating shield. Even if you do not plan on utilizing its recharge ability, you should still use them if your fleet is intended to fight against Explosive-type weapons.


Strike Shields only resist Explosive Damage; they are easily depleted by battleships that have Energy weaponry such as Aurora Rays. They are also weak to short-range ships that deal Energy Damage, e.g. cruisers equipped with Reverb Rays. Kinetic weapons pose less of a threat since cutters can enter their minimum range in a matter of seconds.

Considering that cutters often charge head-on towards their targets, it is rather difficult to find an opportunity to recharge this shield.


  • Hulls with active Strike Shields glow orange, similar to the Shockwave Shield.
  • The Strike Shield incorrectly had an Energy icon during its appearance in the event trailer, causing some to believe that it was an Energy shield.