An incoming wormhole from a distant galaxy. It ripples with strange energy.
  — In-Game Description 

Shimmering Rifts are another version of the Glowing Rifts and Unstable Wormholes that spawn NPC Targets. They first appeared in the 5th Mobilization, spawning Blitz Targets, and funnily enough, Blitz Altairian Outposts as well.

Since they are another version of the wormholes that spawn NPC Targets, and they most likely appeared unintentionally (Base Targets cannot move). During the 7th Alliance War and Anarchy, it was revealed that they were supposed to spawn Marauder Pillagers.

During the mini sneak peek event of the Umbra just before Ashes, they spawned Umbra Infectors at the Outbreak Phase. They were a common sight during the Umbra season, and were used to bring Research Division Fleets into the rebel sectors.


  • Like the Unstable Wormhole and Glowing Rift, although Shimmering Rifts lead to different galaxies as per the in-game description, they cannot be traveled through.
  • They unintentionally appeared in the 5th Mobilization, spawning Blitz Targets and Blitz Altairian Outposts. Oddly, the Altairian Outposts seem to move really slowly, and they despawn after a while.
  • The Shimmering Rift has a blue glow instead of the green on the Unstable Wormhole, or the red of the Glowing Rift.