The Rapture Cruiser is an improved version of the Apocrypha Cruiser that's highly sought after and hard to obtain.
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Become the envy of your sector with the new Rapture Cruiser, an elite version of the Apocrypha Cruiser with extra speed.
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The Rapture Cruiser is an lightweight version of the Apocrypha Cruiser with extra health and cargo capacity.

As a cruiser, this ship has great defensive capability and is designed to soak up damage.

Strategy and Setup


The Rapture Cruiser enjoys an extremely low unladen mass, despite having the same effective mass capacity compared to the Apocrypha Cruiser (6,300 t). This allows you to use multiple of this ship in a fleet and put more equipment on them, while keeping the fleet mass under the restriction imposed by your Fleet Bay level.

Its additional health grants it an edge when fighting against regular Apocrypha Cruiser fleets.


Unlike the Apocrypha Cruiser, Rapture Cruisers cannot be upgraded. As a result, even a measly Mk II Apocrypha Cruiser outperforms this ship due to the upgrade bonuses.


  • The Apocrypha Cruisers in level 53-55 Sector Cargo Fleets are in fact Rapture Cruisers, despite their appearance.
  • When the Rapture Cruiser was first introduced, it had a hidden mass reduction for the Burst Ray, which was released along with this ship during Crackdown.
  • The Rapture Cruiser, previously a dark blue in combat, was re-textured to look more like its appearance in the blueprint. This made it the first ship to receive a major texture/graphics overhaul.
  • The Rapture Cruiser used to travel faster than other cruisers prior to the grand rebalance and was arguably the best hull in the game. Now it is often called the "Crapture" because it cannot be upgraded and is inferior to its regular version, the Apocrypha Cruiser.
  • This ship has no engine trail in combat when moving after the Unity update.