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The Pathfinder Corvette is a simple design, commonly used by new pilots. It has a wide field of fire.
  — In-Game Description 


The Pathfinder Corvette is a Tier 0 hull with starter Miner Rebellion technology. It can only be obtained through starting a new game, and thus should never be scrapped for resources; otherwise, this ship will be lost forever and cannot be replaced.

As a corvette, this ship has a complete firing arc and serves as a training ship for new players.


The Pathfinder Corvette is used as a cheap decoy to distract NPC Targets for a few seconds to buy time to set up a formation. It can also accompany Voyager Corvettes in beginner-level play before being replaced by more Voyager Corvettes.

This ship serves as a great souvenir if you wish to relive the old days for no reason whatsoever.


The Pathfinder Corvette literally has the worst stats in the game. So what are you waiting for? REPLACE IT.


  • The Pathfinder Corvette has the least health, unladen mass, maximum mass and cargo capacity out of any ship.
  • You receive a single Pathfinder Corvette for free at the beginning of the game. Originally, two of them were available.
  • Although this ship cannot be constructed, it has an associated build cost.
  • Originally, this ship could outrun Genesis Cruisers, making it somewhat useful until later on into the game.