A paragon of Altairian technology and weaponry, this battleship unleashes its true combat power when surrounded, by activating its Barrage Overdrive.
  — In-Game Description 


The Paragon Battleship is a Tier 7 ship that drains the Piercing effect of weapons on hit. Its Barrage Overdrive ability activates whenever enemy ships are present in both firing arcs (and 3 seconds thereafter), increasing the maneuverability as well as firepower of the ship.

Missile weapons that are equipped on this ship travel 25% faster, which can be stacked with other speed-increasing effects.

As a battleship, this ship has bonus range and duplicate weapons for each firing arc, dealing massive damage from a safe distance.

Strategy and Setup


In addition to its increased health over previous classes of Battleship, the Paragon is also capable of dealing heavy damage with its 8 weapon slots. Its Counter Pierce also negates the effectiveness of piercing weapons such as the Bayonet Missile as well as the AP Driver, thus reducing the amount of damage it can take from those weapons. It also grants a boost to the speed of missile weapons equipped to it, increasing their accuracy.

The Barrage Overdrive ability that it has also drastically increases the effectiveness of its weaponry as well as its maneuverability, by granting a boost to its turning speed, as well as the projectile speed and the AoE Radius of any splash damage weapons on it whenever the Paragon Battleship has enemy ships in both firing arcs.

In addition, it has increased damage versus Cruisers, allowing them to destroy them much faster. It also has Alien and Plasma Resistance, reducing the damage taken by weapons of those damage types by a large amount.


The Barrage Overdrive ability can only activate if enemy ships are present in both firing arcs, which is usually really hard to do unless the Battleship gets up close and personal. The Paragon, despite its increased health, does not possess the durability to be able to brawl with enemy ships at short range, and unless protected by more heavily armored ships such as the Bastion Cruiser, will quickly fall to any sustained onslaught.

It is vulnerable to Cutters as well, especially Cavalier Cutters which have a built in damage boost against Battleships.


Level II
Weapon Slots WeaponSlot 8 8 9 9 9
Resistance Slots ResistanceSlot 1 1 1 1 1
Max. Mass 20,320 t 21,285 t 22,255 t 23,220 t 23,220 t
Cargo 3,195,240 t 3,328,375 t 3,461,510 t 3,594,645 t 7,189,290 t
Sector Speed 240 AU/h 240 AU/h 240 AU/h 240 AU/h 390 AU/h
Hull XP 82,732 XP 102,400 XP 109,750 XP 117,627 XP 117,627 XP
Overdrive Barrage II Barrage III Barrage IV Barrage V Barrage V
Cruiser Damage +15% +20% +25% +30% +30%
Weapon Mass -5% -15% -30% -50% -50%
Resists 40% Pl 40% Pl 40% Pl 50% Pl 50% Pl
Counter Pierce 2 4 4 6 6
Applies to Missile
Health Damage +15% +20% +25% +30% +30%
RESEARCH ShipLabResearch
Prerequisites Previous level of Paragon Battleship,
Same level of Fury Battleship
Workshop Required IX
Time Time 2d 2h 24m 2d 10h 48m 2d 19h 12m 3d 3h 36m N/A
Mineral Ore MineralOre 99,849,428 199,698,855 259,608,512 399,397,710 N/A
CRAFT Crafting
Time Time 18h 54m 1d 13h 48m 2d 8h 42m 3d 3h 36m 1h 00m
Mineral Ore MineralOre 33,283,143 66,566,285 99,849,428 199,698,855 69,894,599
Patterns Patterns 20 40 60 140 N/A
Cores Cores 10 30 45 80 N/A
Parts Parts 25 60 115 200 N/A
Armaments Armaments 985 2,300 3,600 4,925 N/A
Fragments EliteCreditFragments N/A N/A N/A N/A 150


  • The health damage bonus was added as part of a balancing patch during April 2018.