The Osprey Frigate is a new design with considerable support for after-market modifications. A superb heavy frigate.
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Learn the true meaning of speed with the Osprey Frigate, a versatile new rebel hull.
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The Osprey Frigate is a rare Tier 3 hull with advanced Miner Rebellion technology.

As a frigate, this ship focuses on agility and evasion, avoiding damage when possible.

Strategy and Setup


Osprey Frigates have three special slots which allows them to use double weapon boosts in addition to thrusters, without having to upgrade the ship (it can't be upgraded anyways). Some people use this ship in place of Mk IV Nighthawk Frigates for resource collection by filling all three slots with Basic Cargo V, since farming and crafting mark upgrades takes time and effort.

In addition to the extra health and maximum mass, this ship also has a minor bonus to thruster speed that makes it the agilest frigate in the game. As a result, Osprey Frigates can better kite or catch up to enemies, as well as stand a much greater chance of beating other ships in the same tier compared to Nighthawk Frigates.

The use of the Osprey Frigate as a sniper decoy mitigates the fact that it only has two weapon slots, making the most out of the ship's inherent bonuses. Moreover, you can put 2x Armored Hold III as opposed to 1x for a regular frigate at Mk I.


Osprey Frigates have one less weapon slot than Nighthawk Frigates, which severely limits their offensive capability. However, this is mostly counteracted by the extra maximum mass, although you are pretty much forced to use 2x level III weapons which is not nearly as efficient.

Thanks to its high base health, the Osprey Frigate also has significant repair time, so a cargo fleet made out of this ship, while cheap to produce, is rather costly to repair.


  • The Osprey Frigate is the first ship in the game that has three utility slots at Mk I.
  • It is the only ship that grants a bonus to thruster speed. It is consequently the fastest of all frigates.