The Ogre Battleship is a bloodthirsty creation of the Umbra faction, becoming more powerful the more ships it defeats.
  — In-Game Description 


The appropriately named Ogre Battleship is a Tier 7 Battleship designed by the Umbra. Its Bloodlust ability grants it increased offensive capability the more times it is triggered as it is active.

Strategy and Setup


The Ogre Battleship is built solely for offense with its multitude of weapon slots. Since it has Ablative slots in place of shield slots, it is not vulnerable to shield damage or shield bypass modifiers, which are much more common as compared to health damage modifiers itself. It also has Bonus Cruiser and Altairian Damage, as well as shield bypass, making it the perfect hull to take on the Altairians' Bastion Cruiser itself.

In addition, the Ogre possesses a high Counter Chain and Counter Pierce value of 8, making it impossible for Weapons such as the Epsilon ECHO Cannon or Sai Missile to take advantage of their weapon mechanics to inflict widespread damage. It also has a high Alien Resist of 50%, as well as Blight Resist of up to 40% as it is upgraded and complete immunity to the Blight Nebula, allowing it to travel through the Blight Nebula fields without any fear of taking damage.


While it has a large amount of weapon slots, its max mass is a very large limiting factor when outfitting the ship, meaning players will have to sacrifice either durability or firepower to stay within the mass constraints as well.

Being a Battleship, it is vulnerable to Cutters and will go down relatively quickly. It is also not as durable as the Wraith Cruiser and it will go down much faster.


Level II
Weapon Slots WeaponSlot 8 8 9 9 9
Resistance Slots ResistanceSlot 1 1 1 1 1
Max. Mass 21,930 t 22,975 t 24,020 t 25,060 t 25,060 t
Cargo 3,514,800 t 3,661,250 t 3,807,700 t 3,954,150 t 7,908,300 t
Sector Speed 240 AU/h 240 AU/h 240 AU/h 240 AU/h 390 AU/h
Hull XP 82,732 XP 102,400 XP 109,750 XP 117,627 XP 117,627 XP
Overdrive Bloodlust II Bloodlust III Bloodlust IV Bloodlust V Bloodlust V
Cruiser Damage +15% +20% +25% +30% +30%
Weapon Mass -5% -15% -30% -50% -50%
Shield Bypass +15% +20% +25% +30% +30%
Resists 10% Bl 20% Bl 30% Bl 40% Bl 40% Bl
CRAFT Crafting
Time Time 11h 39m 20h 15m 1d 23h 18m 3d 1h 15m 0s
Mineral Ore MineralOre 36,612,188 73,224,375 109,836,563 219,673,125 109,836,563
Patterns Patterns 20 40 60 140 N/A
Cores Cores 10 30 45 80 N/A
Parts Parts 25 60 115 200 N/A
Armaments Armaments 985 2,300 3,600 4,925 N/A
Fragments EliteCreditFragments N/A N/A N/A N/A 150


  • The remnants of a Dread Battleship can be found on the Ogre, indicating that the Ogre is a Dread Battleship that has succumbed to the alien infection.
  • The Ogre Battleship was the 2nd Battleship to have an abnormally large hitbox, the first being the Annihilator Battleship. This has been resolved in the update of October 2018.
  • The Ogre Battleship's build and crafting times have been reduced in the update of October 2018.