The Legion Battleship is a variant of the Demon Corps Hellfire Battleship designed to emulate alien hive siege combat principles.
  — In-Game Description 


The Legion Battleship is a cross between a battleship and a carrier, trading mobility for long-range bombardment via squadrons. It is also cruiser-like, with dual shields and triple armor.

Though technically a battleship, this ship is considered as a Class X hull, with properties that violate that of its original class.

Strategy and Setup


Legion Battleships are strong, defensive ships that specialise in destroying Hive Fleets, and generally poor at pursuing enemy ships, requiring their opponents to come to them.

Legion Battleships are best used against enemy bases, literally spamming them with up to 2 squadrons per ship, plus 6 from a Dominion Carrier. The sheer amount of squadrons is enough to slowly whittle down a Combat Module's health and destroy it, provided that it do not have enough range to fire back.

They are also effective against fleets that lack squadron defense, for obvious reasons.


Legion Battleships are tanky but lack damage, with only half the weapon slots of a Hellfire Battleship. These weapons should be considered supplementary and mainly used to defend against enemy squadrons.

The fatal flaw of Legion Battleships is their speed. While they technically cannot be kited by any ship due to extensive squadron coverage, battleships with adequate squadron defense can take advantage of the fact that the Legion Battleship does not receive a range bonus. Marked-up frigates and cutters have no problem catching and destroying them with their anti-class bonuses.


Level II
Hangar Slots HangarSlot 1 1 2 2
Resistance Slots ResistanceSlot 1 1 1 1
Max. Mass 6,993 t 7,326 t 7,659 t 7,992 t
Cargo 219,750 t 263,700 t 307,650 t 351,600 t
Cruiser Damage +10% +23% +36% +50%
DPS +6% +12% +18% +25%
Weapon Mass -20% -25% -30% -35%
Shield Bypass +5% +10% +15% +20%
RESEARCH ShipLabResearch
Prerequisites Previous level of Legion Battleship,
Same level of Fury Battleship
Workshop Required N/A N/A N/A VIII
Time Time 2d 3h 14m 24s 4d 6h 28m 48s 6d 9h 43m 11s 8d 12h 57m 35s
Mineral Ore MineralOre 20,013,570 40,027,140 60,040,710 80,054,280
CRAFT Crafting
Time Time 1d 1h 37m 13s 2d 3h 14m 25s 3d 4h 51m 38s 4d 6h 28m 50s
Mineral Ore MineralOre 6,671,085 13,342,170 20,013,255 26,684,340
Patterns Patterns 1 1 1 1
Cores Cores 5 5 5 5
Parts Parts 10 30 90 270
Armaments Armaments 2,048 2,560 3,200 4,000

Note: Legion Battleship upgrades use Hellfire Battleship Parts.


  • The Legion Battleship is unique as a battleship: it has squadron slots but no special slots, is extremely slow and does not get a range bonus.
  • It is the first Class X hull in the game.
  • It is also the only non-carrier player hull that has hangar slots, and the slowest player hull in the game.
  • The Legion Battleship's classic skin color is silver - this is different in comparison with all other Demon Corps Hulls which feature blood red as their classic hull paint.
  • Players also jokingly call the Legion Battleship "void" as well, due to it not having not much of a use in the meta, especially since Hive Fleets have been phased out.
  • The Legion Battleship patterns have NOT appeared since the Xeno Division season, until the Decimation of November 2018, during which pattern boxes were made available.
  • A bonus to DPS was added to battleship mark upgrades around the middle of 2018.