KIXEYE is the company that created VEGA Conflict. It runs other games such as Battle Pirates and War Commander. The main KIXEYE CM as of now is, previously CM Scarlett, CM LXC, CM CarterGee, and CM Skeedorr. Scarlett replaced LXC after LXC was actually secretly fired from KIXEYE, originally CM Swag was supposed to be the CM but was ultimately replaced by Scarlett as Swag decided to focus on War Commander: Rogue Assult. The community managers primarily give out info about future features, updates, and notices about problems, and also sometimes have contests in the community (although the majority of these were hosted when CarterGee was the CM). On January 11th, 2016 CM Scarlett announced himself. He will be supporting CM LXC during his off times, such as on the weekends. However Scarlett then suddenly fired from CM after he deleted many players from the Rogue Assault Chat Room in LINE, and now a variety of CMs from other KIXEYE games try to fill in his role.


  • Kixeye is based in Australia, per CM LXC, so the most activity on the forums and in-game by the employee's is done during the Australian work day. Also, the Australian location is why the local DDMMYYYY format is used, instead of the American MMDDYYYY format for things like the release notes.
  • CM Scarlett and CM Chris are former customer support representatives who used to process support tickets.

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