HEX Missile   HEX Missile Turret

HEX Missile   Frenzied HEX Missile

The HEX Missile is a powerful Explosive weapon that fires bolts of ionized gas at medium range.
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HEX Missile I
DPS 16 Ex 19 Ex 23 Ex 27 Ex 32 Ex
Mass 200 t 280 t 390 t 545 t 765 t
Range 0-4,250 m
Speed 1,500 m/s
AoE Radius 350 m
Spread 20 deg
Firing Cycle C: 0.0 / F: 0.4-0.6 / R: 2.0 / N: 2-4
Hull XP 75 XP 90 XP 105 XP 120 XP 138 XP
RESEARCH ArmsLabResearch
Prerequisites Previous level of HEX Missile,
Same level of Scatter Missile
Arms Lab Required V VI VII VIII IX
Time Time 59m 00s 3h 22m 11h 38m 1d 12h 51m 3d 15h 35m
Helium-3 Helium3 239,305 905,540 3,066,480 8,721,920 19,492,800
Antimatter Antimatter 12,595 47,660 340,720 2,180,480 6,497,600
Module XP 763 XP 950 XP 1,195 XP 1,459 XP 1,788 XP
EQUIP ModuleRefit
Time Time 5m 30s 12m 00s 31m 30s 1h 28m 3h 20m
Helium-3 Helium3 47,994 181,308 613,566 1,744,728 3,899,018
Antimatter Antimatter 2,526 9,543 68,174 436,182 1,299,673


The HEX Missile is a direct upgrade to the Scatter Missile, common amongst mid-level players due to its versatility. Higher-level HEX Missiles contain more shots per volley, resulting in more consistant damage output.

It fires red bolts of plasma in a small spread, which explode with a small area of effect.

Strategy and Setup


HEX Missiles have a rather long range and no minimum range, allowing them to work in almost any encounter. They are especially effective against groups due to their AoE.

When used in large amounts, HEX Missiles can create a wide curtain of death, especially on battleships.


HEX Missiles have poor accuracy just like Scatter Missiles; enemies moving at maximum range rarely get hit at all, while frigates can dodge the missiles even at close range.

HEX Missiles are also mass-inefficient, therefore ships equipped with this weapon should avoid going in one-on-one combat.


  • The HEX Missile was once called the Plasma Battery.
  • The oldest icon for the HEX Missile is now the current design for the Polaron Ray, with a slightly changed color scheme.
  • The sound effect and the explosive charges launched by the HEX Missile bears a little reference to the Photon Torpedoes from Star Trek.
  • The number of shots per volley differs by level: 2, 2, 3, 3, 4