The Gharial Cutter is a well-armed ship often used for blockade running. Cutters are fast, but only in a straight line.
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The Gharial Cutter is a Tier 4 hull with standard VEGA Mining technology.

As a cutter, this ship has fair durability and superior forward speed, suitable for rushing into enemy formations.

Strategy and Setup


Gharial Cutters represent a counter to the previously-overpowered battleship fleets, which were able to kite everything that had less range. When upgraded, cutters gain Stasis Resist, enabling them to shrug off the effects of NET Torpedoes and Arrestor Beams to get in range and destroy battleships. However, low levels of Stasis Resist (Mk II-III) may not be sufficient.

Gharial Cutters are sometimes used in a base rush, especially if the enemy has Stasis Dealing weapons but poor short-range defenses. Once in the minimum range of other base weapons, they can start to wreak havoc on The Bridge without suffering too much damage in return.

Burst Rays are the best choice for close combat, but the short range can mean disaster when facing enemy battleships. Consider using Arrestor Beams with Focused Optics on the lead ships to slow them down, allowing the rest to catch up and deal damage with more lethal weaponry.

Fusion Thrusters are almost a must on this ship: the extra forward speed helps it catch and run away from opponents, while the turning speed makes it more maneuverable and allows it to switch between targets faster.


Gharial Cutters are weak to upgraded cruisers, which deal bonus damage against them. However, it is usually possible to simply turn around and run at the start of the battle, unless the enemy also has cutters.

Although widely used in PvP, this ship is extremely poor at farming NPC Targets because they usually deal a lot of damage and require kiting or dodging skills to defeat, both of which the Gharial Cutter cannot do.


See Gharial Cutter/Builds for more info


Level II
Armor Slots ArmorSlot 2 2 3 3
Resistance Slots ResistanceSlot 1 1 1 1
Max. Mass 6,300 t 6,600 t 7,200 t 7,500 t
Cargo 126,250 t 151,500 t 176,750 t 202,000 t
Battleship Damage +50% +66% +83% +100%
Armor Health +5% +10% +15% +20%
Armor Mass -5% -10% -15% -20%
Shield Damage +5% +10% +15% +20%
Stasis Resist +12% +24% +36% +50%
RESEARCH ShipLabResearch
Prerequisites Previous level of Gharial Cutter,
Same level of Nighthawk Frigate
Workshop Required VI N/A N/A VII
Time Time 21h 00m 1d 18h 2d 15h 3d 12h
Mineral Ore MineralOre 9,375,000 18,750,000 28,125,000 37,500,000
CRAFT Crafting
Time Time 12h 00m 1d 0h 1d 12h 2d 0h
Mineral Ore MineralOre 3,125,000 6,250,000 9,375,000 12,500,000
Patterns Patterns 1 1 1 1
Cores Cores 4 4 4 4
Parts Parts 10 30 90 270
Armaments Armaments 2,048 2,560 3,200 4,000


  • The Gharial Cutter was the first ship introduced since KIXEYE began using the Unity Engine.
  • The Gharial Cutter was the first cutter introduced to the game.