The Dread Battleship is the pride of the VEGA fleet. A state-of-the-art ship that truly lives up to its name.
  — In-Game Description 


The Dread Battleship is a Tier 4 hull with standard VEGA Mining technology.

As a battleship, this ship has bonus range and duplicate weapons for each firing arc, dealing massive damage from a safe distance.

Strategy and Setup


Dread Battleships are what you need to farm NPC Targets of Tier 5 or below. When coupled with the Midgard Carrier or Ragnarok Carrier's Agility Field, they travel fast enough to kite most enemies and destroy them at minimal cost.

Its high maximum mass and large number of weapon slots enables the Dread Battleship to stack up on weaponry, swiftly destroying anything that gets in range.

The best weapon you can use at this tier for kiting is the Gladius Driver. However, it deals limited damage and should be replaced by Vector Torpedoes (only half a tier higher) as soon as possible. NET Torpedoes are essential for kiting at the higher levels.

Both regenerating shields (e.g. Diffuser Shield) and the Metaphase Shield are viable on Dread Battleships, depending on your fighting style.

Fusion Thrusters complement its kiting tactics well, which involve firing at slower enemies then turning away to gain distance before repeating the process.


Dread Battleships have a huge unladen mass similar to the Fury Battleship, incurring a significant penalty on your maximum fleet mass for each additional ship, which is restricted by the level of your Fleet Bay.


See Dread Battleship/Builds for more info


Level II
Weapon Slots WeaponSlot 6 6 7 7
Resistance Slots ResistanceSlot 1 1 1 1
Max. Mass 8,201 t 8,591 t 8,982 t 9,372 t
Cargo 183,125 t 219,750 t 256,375 t 293,000 t
Cruiser Damage +10% +23% +36% +50%
DPS +6% +12% +18% +25%
Weapon Mass -5% -10% -15% -20%
Shield Bypass +5% +10% +15% +20%
RESEARCH ShipLabResearch
Prerequisites Previous level of Dread Battleship,
Same level of Fury Battleship
Workshop Required VI N/A N/A VIII
Time Time 2d 4h 30m 4d 9h 00m 6d 13h 30m 8d 18h 00m
Mineral Ore MineralOre 23,437,500 46,875,000 70,312,500 93,750,000
CRAFT Crafting
Time Time 1d 6h 2d 12h 3d 18h 5d 0h
Mineral Ore MineralOre 7,812,500 15,625,000 23,437,500 31,250,000
Patterns Patterns 1 1 1 1
Cores Cores 4 4 4 4
Parts Parts 10 30 90 270
Armaments Armaments 2,048 2,560 3,200 4,000


  • A weaker version, the Torment Battleship, appears in level 33-45 Sector Cargo Fleets.
  • An even weaker version, the Wrath Battleship, appears in level 30 VEGA Cargo Fleets.
  • Before the crafting system was added, only the enhanced version of the Fury Battleship had more max mass than the Dread Battleship.
  • A bonus to DPS was added to battleship mark upgrades around the middle of 2018.