The Damocles Destroyer is an essential part of VEGA's military doctrine. The raw firepower of massed artillery is used to break through enemy lines.
  — In-Game Description 


The Damocles Destroyer is a Tier 5 hull with extra offensive power in the form of weapon slots and mass reductions.

As a destroyer, this ship has modest firepower but very long range, taking out opponents from afar.

Strategy and Setup


The Damocles Destroyer is not very durable, but makes up for it with the ability to equip powerful Infernal weapons. Due to their range, Infernal Wave Drivers are incredibly popular on Damocles Destroyers, which eliminate Hellfire Battleships within a single volley. Infernal Gatling Rays are devastating against blitz ships, destroying even heavily-armored Heretic Cruisers in a matter of seconds.

Damocles Destroyers are also used in base attacks as a sniper, again equipped with Infernal Wave Drivers, although cheaper versions involve the use of Impulse Beams and Focused Optics.


The greatest threat to Damocles Destroyers is a carrier, since they have a very narrow firing arc that allows squadrons to get through unharmed and destroy them swiftly. It is important to use an Agility Field to speed up your Damocles Destroyers so that they can catch up to enemy carriers and get in range to fire as quickly as possible.

Damocles Destroyers are very fragile; stray shots from Creeper Torpedoes and Bayonet Missile Turrets can eventually take them out if you are not careful enough. In fleet combat, Armored Thrusters are extremely helpful because they add armor as well as mobility.


Level II
Weapon Slots WeaponSlot 3 3 4 4
Resistance Slots ResistanceSlot 1 1 1 1
Max. Mass 8,138 t 8,525 t 8,913 t 9,300 t
Cargo 87,000 t 104,400 t 121,800 t 139,200 t
Cruiser Damage +100% +130% +160% +200%
Weapon Mass -20% -25% -30% -35%
Shield Bypass +10% +15% +20% +25%
RESEARCH ShipLabResearch
Prerequisites Previous level of Damocles Destroyer,
Same level of Trident Destroyer
Workshop Required N/A N/A N/A VIII
Time Time 1d 22h 58m 13s 3d 21h 56m 25s 5d 20h 54m 38s 7d 19h 52m 50s
Mineral Ore MineralOre 18,345,773 36,691,545 50,037,318 73,383,090
CRAFT Crafting
Time Time 23h 29m 06s 1d 22h 58m 13s 2d 22h 27m 19s 3d 21h 56m 25s
Mineral Ore MineralOre 6,115,161 12,230,323 18,345,484 24,460,646
Patterns Patterns 1 1 1 1
Cores Cores 5 5 5 5
Parts Parts 10 30 90 270
Armaments Armaments 2,048 2,560 3,200 4,000


  • The Damocles Destroyer's name is a reference to the Sword of Damocles.
  • When the Damocles Destroyer is about to enter weapon range, the front bay doors open sideways, revealing a bright red weapons bay.