The Blood Raven was given as a token of gratitude by the Ex-VSec Officer Larus. In addition to possessing the maneuverability of VSec's Eagle Frigate, it also has a lot of space, granting it a hefty myriad of customisation options.
  — In-Game Description 


The Blood Raven is a heavily-modified Eagle Frigate, with a red coat of painting and eight Blood Amber shards sticking on each wing, which are nearly twice as long and wide as a normal Eagle Frigate's.

As a frigate, this ship focuses on agility and evasion, avoiding damage when possible.

Originally owned by Larus, it was given to the player "lykaios.wolf" as a reward for freeing the most detainees and by extension, Larus, during the events of Jailbreak.

Strategy and Setup


The Blood Raven vastly outperforms regular Eagle Frigates due to the extra mass capacity, allowing it to stack up on weapons, armor and shields. Even Tier 5 weapons such as the Nova Ray and Fissure Torpedo are viable.

This ship identifies you as the real lykaios.wolf (or whatever his current username is) and serves as an achievement for getting 1st place in the Jailbreak event.


The Blood Raven is extremely limited: in fact, only one of them exists in the entire game.


  • The Blood Raven was the first Legendary ship ever released, and the only unique ship in the game.
  • It has the highest mass out of any frigate to date, exceeding the Tornado Frigate.
  • Despite its name and appearance, a Facebook post by the Community Manager confirmed that the Blood Raven is not tied to Blood Amber.
  • Due to the fact Larus used to be a VEGA Security officer and was present at the Demon Corps' founding, it is quite possible he was one of its first members, which would explain the Blood Raven's red paint and the Blood Amber shards on its wings.
  • This ship has been confirmed to never be obtainable again. As a result, it is classified as an unobtainable ship.
  • lykaios.wolf stated that he regrets freeing Larus now, mostly because he tends to be looked on as a useless figure in the game by fellow rebels. He should just ignore them, and not let that bother him and drag him down.
  • Although this ship cannot be constructed, it has an associated build cost.
  • There is a Blood Raven replicate, and it is the Phoenix Frigate



Vega Conflict Blood Raven

Vega Conflict Blood Raven

Blood Raven in action