Avant-garde ships developed by the ancient race of Altairians. These ships come equipped with highly sophisticated combat systems including Chaining, Piercing and Stasis. The Altairians have also equipped powerful Overdrives that can quickly turn the tide of battle. Develop these paragons of technology to overcome the toughest adversaries.
  — In-Game Description 


This page lists hulls that are manufactured by the Altairians.

The hulls listed on this page are not unlockable via the Ship Lab and are only available via blueprints, which currently can only be obtained through claiming of the prizes in event stores during the presence of an event.

The Oligarchs also produce Altairian Hulls of their own, but those are instead painted red and have slightly different statistics.


Bastion Cruiser

A durable and powerful ship capable of resisting Chain effects. Overdrive technology increases its DPS for a short duration when it loses shields.

Paragon Battleship

8 weapon slots makes the ship highly balanced towards offense. Also has the ability to resist pierce effects, as well as its Barrage Overdrive increasing the splash radius of its weapons when it has enemies in both firing arcs.

Cavalier Cutter

Fast ship dedicated to swift interdiction and take downs of enemy vessels. Has the ability to resist stasis effects. Catalyst Overdrive increases the Speed of the cutter as well as grants it shield regeneration whenever it is affected by stasis, turning an obstacle into an asset.

Inquisitor Destroyer

Siege vessel designed to bombard stationary and slow moving targets from afar. Projectiles fired from this ship fly further than usual. Ballista overdrive allows the projectiles to pierce through multiple targets, including walls.

Sovereign Carrier

Nucleus of an Altairian fleet. Provides long range support either squadrons or the Cyclotron Beam. Also can be outfitted with the Enguard Overdrive Generator, which grants shield defense and damage bonuses to the fleet as long as 3 enemy targets are in its firing range.