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The Altairian Corvette is a lightly armed, but extremely fast hull spawned by Altairian Motherships.


The Altairian Corvettes spawn from their parent ship, the Altairian Mothership, and they will quickly close in on your ships and begin to chip away with their onboard Plasma Vulcan Beams.

While the beam generally does not do much damage, the small hitbox of the Corvettes can make them extremely hard to kill. They tend to also break formation as well when ramming into your ships.

To stop the Corvettes from spawning, it is recommended to focus on the Altairian Mothership first. Destroying the Mothership stops the Corvettes from spawning, and you can finish off the remaining few easily.


  • Strangely, the Corvettes move in the opposite orientation from the game files, leading some to wonder which side of the Corvette is forward.
  • The Corvettes originally had an absurd amount of health when they were introduced in Doomsday. Their health was nerfed drastically after the June 19th Update, and they now are really easy to kill.