Advanced Xeno Integrated Systems, brainchild of the gifted engineer Rhea Dage. Integrating both Alien and Plasma resistance and Harmonic technology, makes these ships more than capable of dealing with their rivals. Take the fight directly to your enemies with this elite Rebel technology.
  — In-Game Description 


This page lists hulls that are manufactured by A.X.I.S.. They are technically Miner Rebellion hulls as well.

The hulls listed on this page is not unlock-able via the Ship Lab and would require blueprints in order to unlock the ability to construct them. Blueprints currently can only be obtained through claiming of the prizes in event stores during the presence of an event.


Paladin Carrier

The massive construct that represents many A.X.I.S. fleets, it is a 6 squadron holding carrier, like the Dominion Carrier. It has powerful A.X.I.S. technologys, and a prebuilt 50% Alien damage resistance modifier. It is the bridge between Xeno and A.X.I.S. It can also change support fields.

Guardian Cruiser

The A.X.I.S. Cruiser is a massive shield in the void of space having 3 shield slots and 5-6 armor slots. Its built-in Harmonic Shield bonus boosts the shielding of the entire fleet. With 4 weapon and 2 special slots, it is a deadly roadblock for your enemies.

Vindicator Cutter

The fastest cutter in the game, it has a built-in Harmonic Agility bonus which increases the speed of the entire fleet! A must-have for catching those pesky runners.

Enforcer Battleship

The A.X.I.S Battleship, designed to dish out maximum damage, with its built-in Harmonic Warfare bonus. Its dual firing arc enables it to take out enemy threats from 2 directions at once.

Liberator Destroyer

The A.X.I.S Destroyer, designed to dish out damage from maximum range, and is capable of laying waste to bases with its built-in Harmonic Siege bonus.


The A.X.I.S. Ship X Hull, designed to boost the overall performance of A.X.I.S. Fleets with its Harmonic Reactor Bonuses and multiple special slots. Also is highly maneuverable, and when combined with long range weapons excels really well at kiting.